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Everybody’s Business Campaign

Concepts, Management, Strategy, Visibility
advocacy, comics, community, exhibition, panel discussions, regional
About This Project

An 18 month advocacy campaign stimulating conversations, gathering insights and promoting dialogue around access to women’s rights across West Africa.

Emé worked with the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), to conceive, design, develop and implement this advocacy programme, in line with African Union’s Year of Human Rights with a focus on Women.  The campaign was made up of activities designed to reach diverse audiences from local to national to international.  It sought to start challenging conversations and gain understanding between the sexes and the generations around the themes of culture, health, education, agriculture and leadership. Initially designed for a year, the success of the campaign led to a 6-month extension, and set up a blueprint for future community engagement activities for the foundation.

The campaign was woven around a broad programme of activities and content, implemented by Emé, included:

  • 4 panel discussions with experts and practitioners from different sectors were held in front of a live audience and broadcasted on the West African Democracy Radio as well as on Facebook Live.  Thematic briefs and infographics disseminated online and in print accompanied each panel discussion.
  • 14 “Ambassador Talks” across 8 cities, with over 800 participants, who attended all day events.  These events engaged directly with local communities, building capacity, gathering insights through focus group discussions and inspirational talks from successful women and men.
  • 12 Empowerment Ambassadors recognised, including a local ambassador in 6 of cities visited. The empowerment ambassadors presented their life trajectories as a source of inspiration for attendees to the talks, primarily young boys and girls.
  • 2 photo exhibitions: one as a permanent exhibition hosted in OSIWA headquarters and the other within the annual photo festival, Photoville held in New York, visited by over 100,000 people.  Photos were taken by Sylvain Cherkaoui and followed the lives of five ordinary women doing extraordinary things within West Africa.
  • 4 “Your Eyes, My Feet” comic stories using comparative life trajectories to demonstrate how access to rights can impact both individuals and communities.  These comic stories continue to be used to keep the conversation going around how poor access to rights for girls and women hampers the entire community.


Last three photos courtesy of Sylvain Cherkaoui.